Frontend workflow done different.

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Wouldn’t it be nice to just run composer install and be ready to work right away? We think it would. That’s why we created Unglue – to help you get out of the sticky mess of local node and javascript compiling.

Forget the hassle of installing Node on your local system just to compile some code.

composer install

... installing vendor ...

./vendor/bin/unglue compile

test.unglue: load and test (/var/www/example.unglue)

test.unglue [css] Collecting data [=======] 100% (1/1)

test.unglue [css] Send API request

test.unglue [css] Compiling done in 0.16s

Add Unglue to your Project

Add the unglue/client composer package to the require-dev section of your composer.json. This will install the unglue binary to the vendor folder.

composer require --dev unglue/client

Create an .unglue file in the directory you want your dist files to be in. For example dist/main.unglue.

You don't have to include the options key in the unglue file.
Default is maps false and compress true.

Find more informations about the unglue file here.


"css": [



"js": [



"options": {

"compress": true,

"maps": false



Run the watch command to compile the code on startup and whenever a file changes or run compile to just compile once.

./vendor/bin/unglue watch

The unglue client will connect to our Server by default. If you want to connect to your own server instance you can easily do that.

./vendor/bin/unglue compile --server=address:port